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“City Bridge & Tunnel is not a dive bar, but neither does it require a membership to get in and a dictionary to order a drink. There’s something for everyone no matter where they are on their cocktail journey. It’s going to be welcoming; it’s going to be a little edgy; it’s going to be thorough.”

Well-executed classic cocktails open the door for adventurous mixtures like the Pobra Diabla or On Tap Negroni. Yummy deviled eggs and marinated olive dish staples enable items like the New England style lobster slider with the spicy lemon aoli and side of hand seasoned cool ranch kettle chips.

Brandon Glasser has over ten years of experience in Portland’s hospitality industry starting as the manager of the Blitz, Pearl District, before helping open Vitaly Paley’s “Imperial.” Then, serving as the general manager for the Your Neighborhood Restaurant Group’s “Big’s Chicken.”  And, finally, joining Sesame Collective, maintaining one hand on Lil Shalom and one hand on what he believes will be his stamp on downtown Portland: City Bridge & Tunnel.